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MaterialHuman Hair
StyleNatural Curly
UsageParlour, Personal
OccasionCasual Wear, Formal Wear, Party Wear
FeaturesEasy Fit, Light Weight
SizeCustom sizes

Indian Raw Unprocessed Bulk Hair (Natural Curly Bulk Hair) is quite famous these days. The reason is the high quality, texture, and smoothness of Indian hair. Durai Hair Extensions is the leading supplier of Indian Unprocessed Natural Curly Bulk Hair with all its exquisiteness. Nowadays, getting hair extensions is a prevailing demand for which we are ready with our wide range of unprocessed natural curly bulk hair extensions.

Curly hair extensions are preferred for various reasons. The first evident and noticeable advantage would be the quality of hair. As the leading Unprocessed Bulk Hair Extensions Supplier, we are providing the best quality considering its authentic human hair. It blends better with your natural hair and can be treated just like your own, making maintenance handy. It also contains a more gorgeous luster and silky texture which improves the overall look of your style. Being curly and unprocessed

our hair wefts give a fuller feel to your hair. To deliver the authentic quality we source it from single donors.

Features of Indian Unprocessed Natural Curly Bulk Hair:

These types of hair wefts are styled in the same direction for a natural and appealing-looking appearance. No tension of matting and tangling as they are less prone to it. Thus, they assure to remain soft and lustrous throughout its lifetime. This natural curly bulk hair can be colored, straightened, washed, cut, treated, and styled just like your natural hair. Therefore, many individuals prefer them to synthetic hair.

Benefits of our Indian Remy Single Donor Hair Extensions
  • Our hair extensions are sourced directly from south Indian temples
  • We provide authentic Indian Remy Hair Extensions sourced from a single donor to maintain texture.
  • For color options, our wefts are 100% Natural black and natural brown shade.
  • Our Indian Unprocessed Natural Curly Bulk Hair comes in curly patterns & 100% natural texture
  • To offer genuine unprocessed raw hair it is not being treated with chemicals and dyes at all.


  • Each Bundle weighs 100 grams approximately
  • Indian Remy natural hair is sourced directly from temples.
  • Raw Hair is just shampoo washed and conditioned.
  • Free from lice, nits, and grey hairs
  • Natural Color & natural Texture
Frequently Asked Questions:

1. what is the durability status?
Hair’s durability depends on the maintenance of the hair extensions, strictly don’t do chemical treatment on hair.
2. Can you use electric hair styling?
Yes, virgin hair is allowed to use hair straightener or hair curler to style but overdo or frequently use of heat will make the hair cause breakage.
3. How to treat dry or tangled hair?
Use Shampoo and conditioner to treat the hair dryness once or twice a week if used regularly.
Comb the hair after wash and pack properly.
4. Any suggestions to wash the hair?
Always use a mild shampoo to wash the hair, rinse well and leave to dry.
Comb with a proper brush after drying.
5. Where is it sourced from?
The raw hair is sourced from temples only.
6. Is it Remy hair or non-Remy hair?
The raw hair sourced from temples is 100% Remy hair, which is a single donor hair. Whereas non-Remy hair is sourced from garbage and processed using chemicals to look like Remy hair
7. What are the colors and textures available?
We have only natural colors like Black, Brown, White & Grey (Salt & Pepper) and Natural textures like straight, wavy, and curly.

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