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Unprocessed Single Donor hair sourced from Indian Hindu temples

Style: Natural Straight
Color: Natural Black/Brown

Unprocessed Single drawn/Single donor natural wavy hair

Color: Natural Black/Brown
Style: Natural wavy hair
(These ‘S’ type Uneven wavy patterns is how a Indian natural wavy hair looks like.Only a chemical/steam processed hair have even wavy patterns).

Durai Enterprises gallery2
Durai Enterprises gallery3

Unprocessed Single donor/Single drawn Natural Curly hair

Color: Natural Black/Brown
Style: Indian Natural curly
(This is a real natural deep curly hair .It has both ‘C’ & ‘S’ type uneven curly patterns.In general the natural curly hair is always coarse and looks like rough but trust us this is the real natural unprocessed curly hair).